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Emergency Information

If your child has a dental emergency, please contact us as soon as possible.

Emergency Dental Issues

Permanent or Adult Tooth Knocked Out

TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT! For a child’s permanent tooth, if your child sustains an injury and knocks out a permanent tooth, rinse the tooth off in cool water very gently. Use water only. Try to be careful and not rub tooth or use any cleanser. Hold the crown of the tooth - avoid handling the root of the tooth. It is ideal for an adult to place the tooth back in the socket and hold in place with a clean washcloth or gauze pad. If the tooth cannot be inserted back into the socket, place the tooth in a cup of milk, water or saline. Call our office number 314-822-2764 any time day or night. During business hours our team will see your child immediately. After business hours our live patient care coordinator will ask pertinent injury information and your call will be dispatched to the dentist on call.

Baby or Primary Tooth Knocked Out

It is not necessary to try to reinsert a baby tooth. Administer any necessary first aid to other areas of the body. You may be able to stop bleeding with pressure with a washcloth or gauze pad for a few minutes until the bleeding stops. Call our office as soon as possible at 314-822-2764. Your call will either be handled by one of our team members. After hours, a live patient care coordinator will assist you by dispatching the dentist on call.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Rinse out mouth with warm water and apply cool compresses over the injured soft tissue area to reduce swelling. Contact our office immediately. Our team members will assist you in scheduling an appointment. Should the injury occur after hours, please call our office at 314-822-2764. A live patient care coordinator will assist you in contacting the doctor to address the emergency.

Displaced Tooth

Should your child sustain an injury causing the tooth to be displaced, but not completely knocked out, call our office during and after business hours at 314-822-2764. Your call will either be handled by one of our highly trained team members or be dispatched to a live patient care coordinator to assist notification to the dentist on call.

Possible Broken Jaw or Head Injury of any Type

Immediately take your child to the Emergency Room of your nearest hospital.


Administer Tylenol or Motrin (as directed) to swallow-not place on tooth. This may help relieve some of the pain. In addition, Ambesol may be applied to tooth. Contact our office immediately to speak with one of our highly trained team members so that a patient assessment can be completed. Avoid applying heat or aspirin directly to the area.

What if Bleeding Continues After a Baby Tooth Falls Out?

Fold and pack a clean gauze pad or cloth over the area that's bleeding. Having your child bite on the gauze or cloth with pressure for approximately 15 minutes acts as a "band-aid". If bleeding persists, contact our office at 314-822-2764.

Swelling in My Child’s Mouth

Should any part of your child's mouth, lips, face or jaw begin swelling due to a suspected dental problem it is imperative to seek help as soon as possible. Infection can be a trigger to cause or induce swelling. If swelling is severe enough to affect the eye area or if your child begins having trouble swallowing or begins to run a fever, go directly to the emergency room. Our office may be contacted later at 314-822-2764.

What if an Object Gets Caught in Between My Child’s Teeth?

Should your child get an object stuck between the teeth, placing dental floss carefully between the teeth in the affected area followed by rinsing the mouth with warm water can help alleviate and possible remove the object. Avoid removing the object with sharp or pointed items. If flossing and or rinsing do not remove the object, contact our office at 314-822-2764.

What Should Be Done if My Child has a Cold or Canker Sore?

Children will occasionally suffer from "canker" or "cold" sores in or around the mouth. Over the counter products may give relief, however, it is important to have a dental evaluation by one of our pediatric dentist to help determine the cause and treatment if these types of sores continue to reoccur.

What if My Child’s Braces or Retainer Causes Pain, Has Loose Wires, or Breaks?

If a wire is irritating your child's mouth a small piece of beeswax, gauze or small cotton ball can be used to cover the end of the loose wire. If Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills placed the appliance, contact our office at 314-822-2764. If not, the child’s orthodontist must complete the evaluation.

If an orthodontic appliance or retainer piece breaks or becomes loose, please contact our office at 314-822-2764 or contact the treating orthodontic office. Never attempt to remove an appliance that may be lodged in any area of soft tissue of the mouth or lips. Immediately contact the child's orthodontic office. If the appliance has been placed by one of our dentists, call our office immediately at 314-822-2764 during or after business hours.

What Should I do if my Child’s Mouth is Bleeding or Bruised?

For cuts to the lips, cheeks or tongue, apply firm but gentle pressure with clean cloth or gauze pad. If bleeding persists after 15 minutes or simple pressure does not control bleeding, take child to the emergency room at nearest hospital. If your child's lips, cheeks or tongue are bruised, apply ice to the affected area, 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. Call our office at 314-822-2764 to get direction and follow up care from one of our pediatric dentists.

Symptoms of Traumatized Teeth

Teeth can be traumatized due to a number of causes including accidental falls, motor accidents, blows during fights, sports activities etc.

Some symptoms to indicate teeth have been traumatized are:

  • Tooth is turning darker in color
  • Gum tissue around tooth appears to be inflamed or swollen
  • Tooth may be hypersensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks
  • Tooth does not appear to be in the original position
  • Tooth hurts worse when in reclining position
  • A gumboil (pimple) appears on the gums near the injured tooth (may not be painful)

* Not all of these symptoms may appear. ANY of these symptoms would indicate the need to call this office so your child can be examined. A dental exam is needed because the tooth's roots (nerves) may dissolve before they are supposed to, and this can only be diagnosed by an X-ray.

Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills Disclaimer gives no warranty, implied or expressed, as to results from use of any or all provided EMERGENCY CARE INFORMATION. Furthermore, cannot treat patients or make a diagnosis over the internet or through visits to this website. The following pages are for informational purpose only. In addition, it is not recommended to depend on the information provided to substitute for medical or dental assessment or diagnosis and treatment. Your pediatric dentist, health care providers or yourself can make the best treatment decision possible in an EMERGENCY situation.

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