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One of the major problem parents face with regarding their kids is maintaining their dental health. Kids are easily susceptible to various tooth related problems as they are fed frequently and the chances of tiny food particles getting accumulated in their gums are much higher, which increases the probability of them developing tooth decays. Pediatric dentistry of sunset hills has reached greater heights over the years and the dentists offers the best possible solutions to toddlers dealing with tooth decay.

Tooth decay in toddlers occurs when the bacteria accumulated in mouth starts affecting the primary teeth of toddlers. It usually causes cavities in their mouth. There are many reasons that contribute towards tooth decay, among them baby bottle tooth decay tops the list of reasons that leads to tooth decay in the toddlers.

Baby bottle tooth decay:

The teeth of the toddler get affected when comes in constant contact with some sugary substance of food particles. It can be any liquid diet like fruit juices that’s fed using feeding bottle or milk that is breast fed. Usually kids are put to sleep with a feeding bottle in their mouths and the babies doze off after a particular point of time. And the food that remains without being swallowed will be the breeding ground of bacteria, as they begin feeding on them that eventually leads to tooth decay. The same is the case with breastfeeding, when the child dozes off, the bacteria starts feeding on the un-swallowed milk which results in tooth decay.

What does it leads to:

When tooth decay is left unnoticed or unattended, the decay begins to spread across the healthier teeth and will eventually increases the magnanimity of the damage. It will have a negative effect on the development of permanent teeth and affects the jaw development as well. It causes severe pain in children, which will have a ripple effect on their studies and other activities to a huge extent.

Ways to prevent baby bottle tooth decay:

There are few tips that can be followed to avoid bottle tooth decay in toddlers.

1. Always use a pacifier or give a bottle of plain water opposed to any sorts of sugary drinks to keep your child calm during day time.

2. Avoid giving the child a feeding bottle filled with fruit juices or any sugary foods when they are put to sleep.

3. In case if the baby is being nursed at night, the mother should ensure to stop nursing once the baby dozes off.

4. The tooth of the baby should be wiped using a wet cloth or gauze to remove the food remains that can lead to bacterial activity.

If these precautions are followed properly, toddlers can be saved from baby bottle tooth decay. If your kid has already developed baby bottle tooth decay, Pediatric dentistry of sunset hills are specialized in offering pediatric dental treatment and the dentists over there offers the best treatment for baby bottle tooth decay.

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