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This year our Candy Buy Back is on Monday, November 2nd and Tuesday, November, 3rd  from 8am- 4pm. Each child will get a $1 per pound of Halloween candy (up to 5 lbs.) and then the candy is ship to American troops overseas. (Last year over 1800 lbs. of candy was donated.)  Children can also send a message or picture to our troops. The USO will pick up the candy on November 3rd at 4pm. Last year we collected over 1800 lbs of candy!

We will be accepting donates at both offices. Each child will receive a coupon from either Monkey Joe's, Chik-fil-A- Sunset Hills location, America's Incredible Pizza Company or Fuddruckers at our Sunset Hills location (based on availability.)

Helpful TRICKS for TREATING children’s teeth on HALLOWEEN

Trick #1 As soon as your monster return home sort through the candy. Remove candy they don’t really like. Because once the good candy is gone they will move on to the not so favorite candy- so get rid of it! The most frightening candy to a kid’s teeth is sour gummy candy. Not only is it sugary and sticky but the sour flavoring is acidotic, the worse combination for anyone’s teeth.  Kid’s with braces need to remove these orthodontic nightmares from their pile; caramels, hard candy, bubblegum, taffy, licorice, candy apples and popcorn.

Trick #2 Don’t let bags of candy disappear. Kids love to keep their Halloween candy in their bedroom.  This is a big NO-NO. Grazing on candy all day and/or before bedtime is a cavity waiting to happen. Keep candy where parents can keep an eye on it. Out of site means out of mind.

Trick #3 Less is more. Take Halloween candy and put it in smaller bags giving it to kids weekly.

Trick #4 No Halloween candy in school lunchboxes! Kids get enough sugar at school with fruit juices and sports drinks and then they don’t brush until bedtime. That’s at least 8 hours of sugar just sitting on their teeth. This is SCARIER than HALLOWEEN!


dr joeJoin us in celebrating our second location! Saturday, June 20th at 10am-1pm. Free Dental Screening for kids, meet Jen Myers from Y98, Elsa from Frozen, plus Bounce House, Cubby Kids of 1st Financial Credit Union, Wentzville Police Cars & Firetrucks, prizes and free stuff!

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1008 Schroeder Creek Blvd. Wentzville
(next to police department and across the street from Playtime Party Center)

Just because baby teeth will fall out and be carried off by the tooth fairy one day doesn’t mean they should be treated like “temporary teeth”.  Dental disease is the single most common childhood illness and a 2007 report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that cavities among youngsters are on the rise.  Twenty-eight percent of children have cavities in their baby teeth.  Even though baby teeth are eventually lost, problems with baby teeth can affect function, speech, growth and development and esthetic considerations in the future.  Also, contrary to popular belief decayed baby teeth are painful to the child.  They have roots and nerves just like adult teeth.  Some children may not complain of pain because the onset of discomfort is so early and gradual the child may not express the symptoms of decay as you or I would.

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